4 Must Explore Bali’s Beautiful Hidden Beaches

4 Must Explore Bali’s Beautiful Hidden Beaches

When you hear the name of Bali, you will probably imagine its beautiful beaches. Watching the sunset on the beach of Bali is a wonderful grace. Not surprisingly, many tourists, both local and foreign, are hunting for beautiful beaches in Bali to catch the sunset.

If Lombok is famous for its beautiful exotic beaches on its Gili Islands, Bali also has beautiful beaches hidden like treasures. Foreign tourists and local tourists are also competing to find and explore anti-mainstream beaches in Bali. What are they?

  1. Nyang-Nyang Beach

Located in Badung Regency, not many people know about Nyang-Nyang Beach. Its name is still less known compared to Kuta or Sanur Beach. But in fact, the beach, which is located exactly in Pecatu Village, was named the best beach in the world by CNN Travel International in 2018.

What makes this beach unique is that the coastline looks golden yellow. In addition, this beach is surrounded by cliffs with green trees.

  1. Bias Tugel Beach

Bias Tugel beach is located in Padangbai Village, Karangasem Regency. On this beach, you will see a stretch of clean white sand meets the clear sea water with beautiful underwater scenery. To enjoy the beauty of the beach, you have to go down a fairly steep staircase.

However, the exhausting feeling after walking down the steep stairs is truly worth it once you see the extraordinary beach view at Bias Tugel Beach. You can even swim in a small lagoon surrounded by rocks on the left side of the beach. Worth a try!

  1. Crystal Bay Beach

Located on the island of Nusa Penida, this beach is a treasure that you must visit if you come to Bali for a vacation. Located in Sakti Village, this beach has very clear sea water just like its name, Crystal Bay.

This beach has white sand and is flanked by two headlands with natural views that are beautiful and naturally untouched. Tourists who visit there usually spend time sunbathing, enjoying the beauty of the sunset, snorkeling on the beach or even diving.

  1. Yeh Leh Beach

This beach is located in Jembrana and Tabanan Regencies. The uniqueness of this beach is that it has a river flow on its north side. In addition, this beach also has rocks that lie along the coast. Besides enjoying the view from the beach, you can also try other provided activities.

Fishing and surfing are the choices of tourists visiting Yeh Leh beach. The waves are quite large and not suitable for swimming, but perfect for surfers.

If you want to feel a different atmosphere, then these four hidden beautiful beaches are definitely places to visit in Bali

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