How to Support Your Relationship and Love Life

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Ideas and Other Steps to Improve Your Relationship

Boredom, frustration, and everyday sensitivities can douse the spark within you and your partner—and more of the same certainly won't feed the flame. Making the great stuff your top priority will. First, think that it takes up to 20 positive statements to exceed the harm done by one negative one. To remember your girlfriend on her new shoes or your boyfriend on his new blue shirt. Apply these tips to make your Relationship more stronger. Thank him for serving around the house. Be sure these blessings and thank-yous are heartfelt and specific, and make eye connection when you smile.

Easy Steps to Make Your Relationship Last

Less data, more coffee Too much caffeine can produce problems with insomnia and hyperexcitability, true, but taking decaffeinated instead of coffee can also change the duration in intimate terms. If it is true that too much is good, even the total lack is not enough. A coffee and no more lift thanks to a more vigorous circulatory flow for the penis.

Too much alcohol?

A drink to warm up the environment and relax is fine, but if the alcohol gives the groin, will you be able to provide yourself with crazy joy? Perhaps because it reduces the level of testosterone, vasodilates, and therefore decreases blood flow into the penis, not to suggest that if the whole organism is busy trying to reduce alcohol, it will hardly start the problem of getting sufficient flow—blood in the penis. Simply put, more than 2 (maximum 3) glasses a day means fewer erections and more petite orgasm.

Beware of sugar Gluttons for sweets, beware, sugar when used in extreme quantities is the best love killer because it significantly decreases testosterone. The final proof comes from a study carried on men aged 19 to 74, who are made to take a double dose of sugar connected to their daily requirement. They recognized the consequence in the blood tests, where the testosterone level decreased by 25%.

Adequately with the giant portions The mega pieces of pasta or other elaborate dishes – we are not talking about boiled vegetables – are not aphrodisiacs; in fact, it is nothing new that after a too abundant meal, the only image in which there is come in the bed has to do with a nap. Carbohydrates and fats make blood sugar rise, so the body produces more insulin, making you more tired. If you're having sex, don't binge at the table.


Careful A diet delicious in fruit and vegetables is undoubtedly healthy, but saying goodbye to meat and animal proteins can create difficulties below the belt: in careful, the lack of vitamin D serves the body to provide nitric oxide, one of the responsible the functioning of blood vessels. In case of lack of vitamin D and nitric oxide, erectile dysfunctions of varying degrees can happen.

Is there a relationship between nutrition and desire?

According to official science, food with aphrodisiac results does not exist. Just as there are no single foods that can improve desire, facilitate orgasm or erection by improving erotic performance, everything said about erotic foods results from historical tales, urban legends, superstitions. Modern food science shows that the body's processes that create prosperity are innumerable, and many still undiscovered: it is, therefore, inaccurate to speak of foods that fatten up and others that make you lose weight or that produce fatigue, or that increase the chance of disease. Take vidalista 40 or tadalista to cure ED fast.

The consumption of some nutrients contained in food, in high quantities and protracted over time, causes damage to health. But a quiet lifestyle also causes damage. In practice, foods that are great for you are not identifiable compared to those that are bad. For intimate activity, physiological factors are added to psychological and social ones; this means that it is impossible to connect food with positive or negative circumstances.

Aphrodisiac foods: among imaginary and legend

Over time some beliefs have been handed down – still very widespread today – that some foods are aphrodisiacs and, in interest to arousing desire, help performance by keeping an erection for a long time. Foods regarded as aphrodisiacs, i.e., able to improve intimate performance, increasing desire, disinhibiting, making the performance more pleasant, etc., really act for the most part on the psychic element thanks to sensory experiences, taste, shape, perfume, consistency, and emotional and cultural factors Fildena or vidalista 60 effects.

A fast excursion between these beliefs about food, legends, and cliches, can give us an idea of ?? how they may have developed over time without, of course, there is scientific proof or evidence.

The Aztecs called the avocado tree "Ahuacuatl testicle tree" male testicles and intimate organs, hence fertility.

The chili pepper, or spicy food in common, produces a positive warmth, a feeling of "burning", even when it makes contact with the skin: warmth and love traveling together.

It's all James Bond's fault that caviar is connected with beautiful, eager, and passionate women.

The Aztecs regarded cocoa as the fruit of the gods and claimed its virtues because the plant was donated by the god Quetzalcoatl to reduce human beings from weakness in the Aztec legend. Maybe because taking large quantities of it provided energy and excitement, probably due to the nerve elements included.

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