What is digital marketing?

The so-called digital marketing refers to a marketing method that uses the Internet, computer communication technology and digital interactive media to achieve marketing goals. Digital marketing will make use of advanced computer network technology as much as possible to seek the development of new markets and the excavation of new consumers in the most effective and cost-effective way.
Digital marketing is a high-level marketing activity based on clear database objects, through digital multimedia channels, such as telephone, SMS, email, e-fax, network platform and other digital media channels, to achieve precise marketing, quantifiable marketing effects, and data. More Detail: Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.
1. In the era of digital economy, when traditional enterprises realize digitalization, they must pay attention to digital marketing as an important aspect, change marketing ideas, models and strategies that cannot meet their needs, and realize new marketing methods. Together with digital management and manufacturing, digital marketing, as a hot spot, will become one of the three important components of digital enterprises. Generally speaking, companies can only get normal profits in a fully competitive market. If they poverty to become extra profits, they must innovate. Innovation is a new combination of production factors. In the sense of economics, it includes not only technological innovation, but also marketing innovation. Amongst them, digital marketing is a characteristic thing of novelty.

2. Digital marketing is not only a technological revolution, but also a deeper conceptual revolution. It is a combination of target marketing, direct marketing, decentralized marketing, customer-oriented marketing, two-way interactive marketing, remote or global marketing, virtual marketing, paperless transactions, and customer engagement marketing. Digital marketing has given new connotations to the marketing mix. Its functions mainly include information exchange, online purchase, online publishing, electronic currency, online advertising, corporate public relations, etc. It is the main marketing method and development tendency of enterprises in the digital cheap age.
1. Integration. It realizes the close integration of the foreground and the background, which is the basis for quickly responding to the individual needs of customers. Receivables to be achieved by the product information, service Oh stretch into, thereby making it a full marketing channels. On the other hand, companies can use the Internet to uniformly design, plan, and coordinate the implementation of different communication marketing activities to avoid the negative impact of inconsistencies in different communication.
2. personalized service. Digital marketing offers personalized products rendering to the needs of clients. It can also track each customer’s sales habits and hobbies, and recommend related products. Raise on the Internet is a low-cost and user-friendly marketing technique.

3. richer product information. The Internet can deliver detailed stipulations, technical pointers, warranty information, usage methods, etc. of current products, and even deliver answers to common questions. Users can easily find products, prices, brands, etc. through the Internet.
4. Larger choice space. Digital marketing will not be restricted by shelves and inventory, and provide a huge dance hall for product display and sales, allowing customers to provide almost unlimited options.
5. Lower cost advantage. Published online information, limited price, sell the product directly to consumers, can shorten the distribution process, information dissemination anyone can autonomously request, can broaden the scope of sales, it saves promotional expenses with, thereby reducing costs, so that products Price competitiveness. Most of the people who come to visit are customers who are interested in such products. The audience is accurate, which avoids a lot of useless information transmission and can also save costs. Also according to the order situation to adjust the inventory situation, lower inventory costs.
6. A more flexible market. The types, prices and marketing methods of marketing products can be adjusted in time according to customer needs, competitive environment or inventory conditions. The network can transcend time and space limitations and the scope of multimedia sound and light functions, which can give full play to the innovation of marketers.
7, Digital Marketing also has multimedia, across time and space, interactive, anthropomorphic, advancement, efficiency, economy and so on. Due to the use of various attributes of digital products, digital marketing has added many new features on the basis of transforming traditional marketing methods.

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