How to Tell If You Are Playing Rummy with a Bot??

The game of rummy is popular with people all over the world and has become a family game in the Indian subcontinent. So what is it that makes millions of people in India play rummy online every day? Rummy, especially Indian rummy, has all the elements of fun, entertainment and excitement. Rummy is a fast paced game that gets your adrenaline pumping. A game of skill, rummy tests your skills in logical thinking, analytical reasoning, and decision making.

The popularity of this game has led to an increase in the number of online rummy providers. If you search for “rummy” in a search engine, you will see a long list of online rummy platforms in the search results. However, many of these online rummy platforms may have you play against bots in order to provide a non-stop gaming experience; if there are not enough players to play the game 24/7, bots may be used as players. Many applications use bots in their gaming systems to cheat players out of their money. A bot or web bot is a computer program designed to perform automated tasks. In this case, being software programs, they play tirelessly, without human emotion. Even if you are a skilled player, it is difficult to beat a bot in an online game.

The question is, can you detect bots? Of course, you can. Once you detect a bot, you can take the information for yourself. Here are some ways to identify bots in your game.

Play on multiple tables. 

There are RNG certified online rummy platforms that ensure that random cards are dealt and random seating arrangements are made. As a result, it is extremely rare to play with the same player at several tables at the same time. However, bots can be found playing at multiple tables at the same time throughout the day. In many cases, bots are programmed to play multiple games at the same time in order to prevent real players from winning cash prizes. If you happen to play with the same player at multiple tables at the same time, you can be almost certain that it is a bot.

Play different variants or formats. 

Rummy is a challenging card game that can only be mastered with a lot of practice. You start out as a rookie and progress to the expert level after a long and persistent effort. Real players find it very difficult to play multiple variants and formats at the same time and still win all the games. If you meet a player who can play offline rummy in different variants and formats at the same time and win very, very consistently, this is probably a bot. Robots hardly ever lose games.

Typical game style. Robots are designed to play in a certain style, which can be defensive or offensive. On the other hand, real players will switch their style or play style depending on the situation. Keep an eye out for players who always play in the same style. They may be bots.

Fast movement. In rummy, you may need some time to analyze your cards and make your moves. However, this is not the case with bots. They are designed in such a way that decisions and actions are made in a matter of seconds. Given the complexity of rummy, it is almost impossible for a human player to make the right action every time in a very short period of time. So be wary of such players.


When you play rummy online with real players, you can use the platform’s chat feature to interact with them, if the platform has one. A bot will usually not respond to any messages. Human players, on the other hand, may respond to other players.

If you choose to play rummy online on a certified and popular gaming site/app, the chances of you playing with a bot are very low. This is because popular and trusted gaming sites/apps have millions of players and thousands of real players are playing the game at any time of the day or night. Therefore, such rummy platforms do not need to use bots to provide uninterrupted play to real players. Moreover, they have a foolproof security system and they follow all the rules and guidelines set by the online rummy federation. However, if you find something suspicious, you should report it to the gaming company.

If you want to play rummy on a safe platform, you should try Rummy baazi, India’s most trusted online rummy platform. There are more than 25 million real and active users who play and win rummy cash games.

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