Online Poker Strategy: What to Do When You Don’t Have the Cards?

When you’re playing poker and you want to do something about it, but you’re not being dealt any decent cards, you feel like your hands must be tied behind your back. That’s when you feel like your hands are tied.

You know your opponent’s game plan, and you think you can take advantage of that moment, but the scenario doesn’t allow it! This is definitely a dead card that all players experience. This is the dead card. Here, it is your attitude towards the game that is affected, and the people around you start playing against you, taking advantage of your weaknesses, and eventually, as time goes by, it becomes difficult for you to get back into the game. Learn strategies for dealing with dead cards when playing real money poker.

You can end a cold hand at any time – just be patient!

“I don’t mind hands that have to be folded, but I do mind hands that are set” – Anonymous

Patience has always been considered the key to poker and a skill that every poker player should possess. One of the standard dead hand strategies is to keep folding preflop and find good opportunities to make your move. Remember that your cold cards can end at any time. Stay relaxed! There’s nothing wrong with taking a mental break in between monitoring your opponents or listening to music to keep your mood and energy up. Being a poker geek is a temporary situation, and you can master it. It doesn’t have to affect you if you haven’t dealt in a while, you just have to be patient and understand the game you are playing.

Let’s change that perspective. People are interested in the “hands” they play, not the “game” they play. If your hand is dead, don’t play it.

If you find yourself dead, don’t think that you can’t do anything about it now or that you must always hold your cards. Change this view, play the game strategically, and control it well. You can use this time to carefully observe your opponent’s moves and strategies. Use this information to figure out what others have, and guess what you would do if you had the cards in your hand. Ultimately, look for opportunities to take control of the game and change things up if you find a decent hand.

Be unpredictable

If you die, you will continue to fold for a long period of time, which is unpredictable to others. This makes your opponent think that you are either a very strong player waiting for the best hand to hit, where you can take this opportunity to target them by re-raising into a raised pot. Alternatively, they may think that you must have a dead hand. In an online game, it is even more difficult because you cannot judge your hand. Playing with a weaker player is no fun. Instead, look for a strong player who plays loose and raises every hand, or an aggressive player who does not know the position. This situation is a good time for you, because he will not expect you to do so. So play and earn with patience and make it clear that you can use your image against him, but you have to choose your opponent carefully.

Don’t be overconfident about your image

In online games, you will always remain anonymous, no one can see you and you will not be embarrassed. Even if you are playing dead poker, you might think that you are starting to overestimate your opponent’s image, convincing the people at the table how nervous you are. However, poker is a mind game, and most players are well aware that you are not making a hand. Even if you are not doing anything, your opponents are watching you and tracking your every move. Don’t think that you can give your opponent an advantage by folding temporarily, they may have little or no coordination!

A powerful strategy is to identify an opponent who is tracking your moves before they make a move against you. This allows you to play the game safe, even if you are playing with a dead hand.

When your hand is dead, Discipline can help you get out of that situation. Knowing that you have to deal with a dead hand, stick to the plan, be patient, and develop a poker strategy to get the desired result. It’s all a matter of psychology and you have to control it by playing the game, not waiting for the cards!

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